• The safety of our birds is our top priority.
  • Our doves are physically fit to perform any task, or return from the distance they were released. We do not release our doves beyond their physical capabilities.
  • We release only well cared for WHITE DOVES from white racing pigeon stock. These are known as Rock Doves or Columba Livia. Under no circumstances are other types of doves ever released, although other types may be used for display only and never released.
  • Our doves must be allowed sufficient time to travel home from their release point. Doves must have at least 2 hours of daylight to fly home. Please keep this in mind if you are planning a late afternoon or early evening event.
  • Our doves are trained to fly to their home, we can not guarantee they will preform exactly as desired. They will fly up into the air once released. They may orient themselves very quickly and fly straight home or they may circle several times finding their direction and fly home.
  • We do not release our doves in doors.
  • We will not attach any thing to our doves that would impede their ability to safely fly home, such ribbons or streamers. As these are easily caught in trees, bushes or power lines
  • We will not release our doves in inclement weather such as heavy rain, fog, high winds or conditions in which our doves safety would be jeopardised


  • A deposit is of $50 is required to secure your booking.
  • Your reservation is not confirmed until your deposit has been received.
  • All releases are to be paid in full 7 days prior to the event.
  • A full refund will be given if cancellation occurs 30 days prior to the event.
  • A full refund will be given if weather conditions on the day become unacceptable for a release to take place.
  • Once we have arrived at the event, we can not be held responsible for any delays that prevent us from releasing our doves such as a late release time.
  • You can expect us to arrive on time, be polite, professional and to be appropriately dressed.
  • We will aim to be as unobtrusive as possible at your event.
  • We will do our best to give you a professional well planned release.
  • Enclosures, baskets, tables and decorations for the release are included in the price and remain the property of Doves with Love.
  • The coordinator will remain with the doves until they are released.
  • Our doves will be hand washed, have their nails trimmed and groomed for your event.
  • Our doves have planned feeding times to try to prevent soiling on the day, although accidents can occur.


How much does a dove release cost?

We can personalise your release around your needs. We offer very competitive pricing.

What type of training do the doves have?

Although it is the doves natural instinct to return to their home, training the doves in different directions and taking the doves out on short and progressing to longer distances helps to improve their navigational skills and safely find their way home to their loft.

Why are you not able to release doves at night?

As doves are not nocturnal, they are unable see well at night. If they have to seek shelter in a tree or bush over night they may fall prey to an owl or other night time predators. Being white they are highly visable to night time hunters.

How do you hold a dove?

If you would like to release the doves by hand our Co ordinators will teach you the right way to hold the doves. Hand releases are very popular and a good opportunity to get excellent photographs. Or you might choose to release the doves from one of our enclosures or baskets. Care must be taken when handling the doves in order to prevent unintentional injury to the birds. We show you how to properly handle them so when it is time to let them fly, it will make for a spectacular scene!

Where do the doves go after they are released?

The doves circle above to get their bearings and then fly to their home. Our doves are trained in stages from their loft to assure they are able to return home safely.

How long does it take for the doves to fly home?

Under excellent conditions a dove can fly a 1 kilometer in a minute. The doves usually fly non-stop until they reach their home. This is why we only release healthy well rested and cared for doves.

Will they make a mess at the event?

It cannot be guaranteed, but birds usually do not defecate when flying so the chances are slim. When dealing with live animals, nothing can be 100% certain. However, we do adjust the doves feeding schedule according to their release schedule so we can greatly minimize the chances of an “accident” occuring. The doves know once they get home, they will be fed to their hearts content.

Can the doves be released indoors?

No, they are trained only to be released outdoors. However, they always make a beautiful indoor display.